Wedding and Room Usage

Wedding Guidelines for St. Mary's Church

Contact Pastor six months before wedding date and one year before wedding date if there are children or a previous marriage. Non-parishioners should talk to their pastor about celebrating the wedding at Saint Mary's.

Both parties must be over the age of 18, a practicing Catholic and registered at St. Mary's for one year. A Pre-Marriage Weekend and Natural Family Planning classes are required by the Diocese of Fargo. The Focus, Prepare or Pre-Marriage Inventory given by the pastor is a requirement. One of the witnesses (Best Man, Maid/Matron of Honor) must be Catholic. You must meet with the Pastor of St. Mary's to go over the wedding service.

Required Documents
A new baptism certificate from the church of your baptism. If widowed, a certificate of death of former spouse. If divorced and annulled, a copy of the divorce decree and a copy of the annulment papers with a copy of the former marriage certificate. All required documents are the responsibility of the couple.

Ecumenical Marriage
(Marriage between a Catholic and a non-Catholic) A dispensation will need to be filled out, signed by the Catholic party and sent to the Bishop of the Fargo Diocese.

Set Time for the Liturgy
Fridays - Any time after 2:00 p.m.
Saturdays - between 10:00 a.m. - 12 p.m.
        2:00 p.m. with a Mass
             2:30 p.m. without a Mass
      *Normally when the couple is both Catholic, Mass will be
        celebrated. When only one is Catholic there is no Mass.

Meet with the Music Coordinator contact person of St. Mary's to go over the music even when others are playing for your wedding. Only music that is religious in nature may be used within the Liturgy.

Rehearsal Times
Rehearsal times must be scheduled so as not to conflict with parish events. Wedding rehearsals will normally be at 6:00 p.m. the day before the wedding. At the time of the rehearsal it is recommended that marriage couple pay the musicians and singers.

Photographs must be scheduled so as not to conflict with parish events. All photography must be completed 45 minutes before the Liturgy.

Church Hall (dining room)
If you wish to use the church hall for your wedding reception you will need to schedule this with the church office and contact the Wedding Chairperson. The church hall is not to be used for lunches or snacks during rehearsal or on the day of the wedding unless a deposit of $100 is made in advance; $50.00 of this will be returned if hall is left neat.

There are no church charges for parish weddings if bride, groom and/or parents of either are registered active members. Registered members must have been registered for one year before the date of the wedding. Non-registered members will be charged $350 for use of the church. Payment must be received before St. Mary's will confirm the wedding date. Musicians, cantors and singers are to be paid with the arrangements you have made with them. Courtesy gesture for the Pastor of $75.00-$100, or whatever you feel comfortable giving.

*No aisle runner or candle stands that attach to
the pews may be used; nothing may be taped to the pews.
*Seasonal environments in the church may not
be moved or taken down.
*In the altar area only living or cut flowers
may be used, nothing artificial.
*No food or drink may be in the church.
Alcohol is not allowed on church property.
*No smoking in the church building.
*Receptions may be held in the church hall (dining room).
Contact Wedding Chairperson for details and cost per plate.
Outside catering is not allowed.
*No showering of the bride and groom with foreign matter
will be permitted (confetti, rice, etc.).
*Wedding Chairperson will show the bride and groom the areas where they can dress. Please appoint someone to clean up these rooms after the ceremony. This is not the responsibility of the mother of the bride or the parish staff!

St. Mary's Church Contact Persons
Wedding Chairperson: Virginia Wilson 701-775-7225
Music Coordinator: Alyce Stokke 218-779-9792

Room Usage Policy

It is the policy of St. Mary's Church, adopted May, 2013 by St. Mary's Finance and Pastoral Councils, not to rent or otherwise allow private parties or gatherings.

It will be left up to the pastor, administration and/or altar society's discretion if they would like to accept opportunities to do fundraiser activities by a group or a non-profit and will be handled each individually keeping in mind that the proper certificate of insurance will be needed before the event takes place according to our Facility Usage/Indemnity Agreement.

Also, due to the high demand for space, all events, meetings, etc. need to be put on the church master calendar prior to an event so that there aren't two events going on in the same room at the same time. Please call or stop by the parish office to schedule your meeting.