Religious Education News

NOTE: If classes or scheduled events are cancelled due to weather conditions; families will be notified by e-mail and phone messages on their home and cell phones. Also, announcements will be made on local radio and television stations.   


2020 Reconciliation: The following received their First Reconciliation:

Paisley Worden / Ruby Richards / Mason Meyer

Kennedy Rose / Camille Julien / Knox Haar / Felix Foss

Liam Cox  / Charlee Carlton-Krese / Rilee Bowman

Emily Bina / Carter Bina / Anna Bibow /  Ella Arens


2020 Confirmation - Sunday, August 23 at 10:30 a.m. Mass:

Brynile Boespflug / Lorena Gemilli / Adeline Johnson

Adele Kalenze / Marcus Kotrba / Lillian Krone 

Henry Lents / Jaris Restad / Benjamin Stokke / Vaya Veitenheimer


If you have any questions about St. Mary's Religious Education program,  please contact Don Palmiscno at 701-772-6933 or 701-775-9318.