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Another holiday season is upon us. Things to keep in mind: 1) there are new copies of the Breaking Bread hymnals in the pews so the numbers may not match any old copies you have at home, 2) We will again us Come, Lord! Maranatha for the Advent offertory song with different verses for each week, 3) don’t forget to check out the website, for lots of information, 4) we will begin using Mass of Renewal with the 3rd Acclamation option, Save Us, Savior.

For Christmas this year, I’m asking anyone available to come and help for as many Masses as possible (4:30 Christmas Eve is covered). The following is a rehearsal and Mass schedule:


Wednesday, Dec 13 - 6pm Rehearse for 12/16-17, Christmas, and Reconciliation Service

Tuesday, Dec 19 - 7pm Reconciliation Service

Wednesday, Dec 20 - 6pm Rehearse for 12/23-24 and Christmas

Saturday, Dec 23 - 5:30pm Mass

Sunday, Dec 24 - 8:30am Mass, 10:30am Mass, 4:30pm Mass (Maura, Chloe and Alyce), 11:00pm Mass

Monday, Dec 25 - 10:30am Mass


Don't forget about the link Kelly Restad found when trying to practice the psalms and acclamations from our Respond and Acclaim. Thanks Kelly! 

Directions to navigate the website and smart phone app

Choir rehearsal is every Wednesday at 6:30 through the end of May. See you there!


Music area in church

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Musician Sign Up

To sign up for one weekend please fill out the information below. To sign up for multiple weekends, fill out another form or let Alyce know in the text box below.