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I hope you had a fun filled summer with lots of family and memories! I recently had a meeting with Fr. Gross to run through music ministry items. Please take note of the following items:

  1. You may have noticed Fr. Gross waiting longer at the altar before he leaves the church. Please continue to play/sing until he has reached the back of the church. He will often stay for several or all verses.
  2. Please play/sing the Gloria at ALL Masses, not just those when the choir sings.
  3. Remember that the sound system is our responsibility, not the sacristan. Please double check that you have turned it off after Mass. (Don’t leave them on all weekend like I did! :o)
  4. Notice the following greeting that Fr. Gross would like us all to use. I have taped a copy to all music stands. I think it is very similar to what we all do but will provide some uniformity.
    “Good morning/evening, everyone. Welcome to St. Mary’s. Today we are celebrating (example: the 4th Sunday in Ordinary Time, All Saints Day). Our opening song is number (example: three  one   five), Let Us Go to the Altar, number (example: three hundred fifteen). Please stand."
  5. Wednesday, September 27th we have a special opportunity to have Angela Schmaltz join us at 6:30 to help guide us through some warm ups and possibly talk about effectively singing the psalms from the R&A. She is a voice teacher in the area that I have heard wonderful things about. She is getting out to area churches in an attempt to build her voice studio. She serves in the music ministry at St. Michaels and this evening is of no charge. She simply wants to meet more people. I think it is a great opportunity and if you’d like to meet her feel free to come to choir that evening even if you don’t plan to sing with the choir that weekend.
  6. The first Mass for the choir will be Sunday, September 10th at 10:30 so I’ll see you Wednesday, September 6th at 6:30!
  7. Regarding the song “Sanctuary”, Fr. Gross and I discussed using it only during Ordinary Time so feel free to add it in until Advent.
  8. I have changed the musician signup page to include a google calendar. The form is still at the bottom of the page to sign up for open Masses.


Don't forget about the link Kelly Restad found when trying to practice the psalms and acclamations from our Respond and Acclaim. Thanks Kelly! 

Directions to navigate the website and smart phone app

Choir practice begins September 6th! Rehearsal is every Wednesday at 6:30 through the end of May. See you there!


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